The Definition of Perseverance

I'm just a writer hoping to leave a few lines in the world. God is my guide, I'm just an instrument.

PAD Challenge - Day 23

She stands alone
outside of a karaoke bar
never shedding
a single tear

She’s on her phone
The green glow
of the streetlight
on her is fitting

She’s been abducted
By friends
For a night out

To relieve her mind
Of someone that she
Doesn’t want to forget

PAD Challenge - Day 22

This room has been filled
with darkness. Outside
the moon is knocking
on the window and threatening

to enter by force if I
don’t comply. Today
was a whirlwind. Tomorrow
should be better but you

know that she’s not too consistent
when it comes to keeping promises.
My only aspiration was to be
a man that my grandparents

we’re proud of. Something for
them to flaunt and speak highly
of. I would be that trophy holding
my stoic gaze yet covered in gold. 

PAD Challenge - Day 21

Grass grows through the concrete
Souls are left broken in desolate places

The curse of greed plagues mankind
Reaching for the sun while ignoring the fire

Trapped between here and there
With no escape from the darkness

The black sand in the beach gets hotter
But the beauty of sand castles makes it worth it

PAD Challenge - Day 20

Rays of sun compete
with your smile

We are all bidding
for your attention

But your heart has been
on more chopping blocks
than auction blocks

so you block the ogling
eyes and blot out our
chances of receiving

the prize that is you

PAD Challenge - Day 19

There are voids
that can’t be filled

by money
or fame
or power

But that doesn’t
stop us
from trying

PAD Challenge - Day 18 (Dear Winter)

I know
that you enjoy
that groundhog
and the things that he does
with his shadow

But seriously….

you are excused
you can leave

You know
that it’s April, right?
The flowers have started
to show their faces

you can keep the cool temps. 
Snow? Really?
I understand though

you have a hard time
letting go
We all get like that
from time to time

PAD Challenge - Day 17 (Selfie)

Sunny skies

Beautiful beach

I could get used to this

I want this life

I hate my life

Why can’t things be easier

You can’t see the depression

A picture is worth a thousand lies

PAD Challenge - Day 16

I wrote about

I write about

One ends
where the other

PAD Challenge - Day 15

I assume that falling
in love
is like skydiving

You jump
and float through the air
twisting and turning about

until you finally get control
and start gliding

knowing that when you land
you’ll land on your feet

PAD Challenge - Day 14

We are all closer to death
than we think.

Whether it be the second coming
or our first attempt
to give our heart away
to the person we think
we love

Eternity hears every exhale
Heaven feels every heartbeat

Until it swallows them all
and all that’s left are words