The Definition of Perseverance

I'm just a writer hoping to leave a few lines in the world. God is my guide, I'm just an instrument.

PAD Challenge - Day 16

I wrote about

I write about

One ends
where the other

PAD Challenge - Day 15

I assume that falling
in love
is like skydiving

You jump
and float through the air
twisting and turning about

until you finally get control
and start gliding

knowing that when you land
you’ll land on your feet

PAD Challenge - Day 14

We are all closer to death
than we think.

Whether it be the second coming
or our first attempt
to give our heart away
to the person we think
we love

Eternity hears every exhale
Heaven feels every heartbeat

Until it swallows them all
and all that’s left are words

PAD Challenge - Day 13

Burning crosses planted
in blood stained soil
distant disturbances
still lead to modern atrocities

Crime plagued cities
judgement from those
without robes

Hooded terrorists run
alongside the standing cows
throw them in the bed
of the pickup

or drag them behind
like they’ve been done
since arrival

It’s air
you know that it exists
even if you don’t see it

you’re still breathing

PAD Challenge - Day 12

Crispus Attucks was the first
to die for your honor
in a place that wouldn’t
even respect his humanity

Stokely Carmichael said he was
a fool for that. We elected a black
man to live in that White House
that lies in your center

(some of the folks you represent
still call him nigger)

You are a resilient place
The British attempted to burn you
Terrorists have attempted to attack you
But you’re still there

You’re still beautiful
the cherry blossoms that you
sprout during April are lovely

When I think of you
I think of history
one that makes me cringe
and smile

PAD Challenge - Day 11

Are we there yet

I ask the driver from
the backseat

These days I’m just along
for the ride

cruising and watching

as the trees speed by
they begin to blend in
with each other

everything is a blur
the street signs
are leading us

Are we there yet

I ask the driver
I know my destination
I’m just not sure

when I’ll get there

PAD Challenge - Day 10

Isn’t it funny how
many yesterdays
I’ve spent
saying I’ll get
to it tomorrow

But tomorrow
never comes
some young girl
lied and said
that it’s only
a day away

But tomorrow
is an eternity
locked inside
of a box

No one has ever
seen a tomorrow
for tomorrows
are imaginary
and elusive

They somehow
manage to
shapeshift and turn
themselves into

Which explains why
I can never seem to
get around to those things

is the devil
that I’ve been
dancing with
I’ve tried to let
it’s hand go

Maybe this song
will go off


PAD Challenge - Day 9

They did their best
to shield you behind
church choirs and school plays

but you still managed to strip
yourself of that image. 

Imagine yourself
playing by their so-called book
and not allowing yourself

to be yourself

Them holding your hand
until they crippled it

Holding you tightly until
your heart and theirs beat
in unison

Holding you
because letting go
of you 

would be giving up
on you

PAD Challenge - Day 8

He asked me if I remembered the time that I told him the reason that I write poems. He said that he feels the same way and that he carves poems into his wrist to alleviate the weight. That thin red river runs to release the pain that he feels and he’s too afraid to let anyone read the sonnets that are written in his forearms. He asked me if I ever experienced hate or the absence of love; if I’ve ever felt someone’s words flip me inside out and then poke at my heart. You know, Judas was close enough to heaven to kiss it and he still had no hope. I could only wish that he’d be willing to turn his lips to the sky one more time.

PAD Challenge - Day 7

I see

gold pouring
from your pores

a tornado in your chest
where they say
a decaying garden lies

I see

the stars
in your mind
Orion’s Belt wrapped
tightly around you

I see

mirrors in those eyes
it’s wonderful how
you can do that

I see

a heart of glass
that never breaks
regardless of the weight
that’s place on it

it’s wonderful how
you can do that